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Blue Ruin

by Miscellen

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Well, aren't you lucky? Look at all those flies you caught Didn't even need the honey All that piss And vinegar never really helped Even if that's how you always felt But look at you now Aren't you lucky!
Chemical bonds that we cannot break The things we smoke and pills we take I give to you, you take away I push, you pull, I repel, you stay Chemical bonds that pump through our hearts They’re the glue as we fall apart Shot at the start, stuck on the line Birds of a feather plucked all the time Laws that attract, paths that repel Powers of static that force propels These chemicals that bond so well Chemical bonds in lives that we’ve led Slow down uptake, the quick end up dead You won’t repent, I want more sin I can’t give up, you won’t give in We only last so long in these chemical bonds Chemical bonds and beautiful shame Degraded needs, violently trained Run out of curses, too wise to pray Under wishes gone astray
I'm not special I'm not well Begging for mercy Crying for help Cracking from pressure Crushing with weight Battered and bruised Guess what they say... Scream all you want Trapped in the darkness Absent of faith Abandoned by hope I know my place I'm not happy But I'm not alone You are here with me This is our home Scream all you want
Nadine's keeping score It's not like I'm keeping track She gives me a look, when I walk through the door That says, "I knew you'd be back" No saints allowed In the peep show No saints allowed In the neon glow No saints but me Her halo appears when the light shines through When you look into the peep show, it looks into you But not me All the things I would do for her On her, to her stuff All the things she'd cry out to me On me, about her stuff This place is depressing I'm still here when even the barflies have gone Life's hard all around Whether taking a dive Or pulling cash from a thong Nadine gives a wink Grinding up and down on a pole My heart starts to sink I spent my last dollar an hour ago No saints allowed To burn a bridge like me No saints allowed To breathe in her heat No saints but me You call it a stain I call it another satisfied customer
Sneer 03:07
The lonely drinks at the hotel bar late at night Sneering at the first person you can get to catch your eye Then waving limp wristed at them Not on purpose But from the muscle relaxant quality of alcohol you’ve already consumed What a long day The wallpaper turning into topographic maps of anywhere But in that spot with an arrow pointed at your head Instead of saying 'you are here' It says 'you are stuck' And that constant humming of the lights And the deafening pulse of your wristwatch Despite the fact that it is digital The bad coffee The long stories that avoid beginnings and ends Stains on the chairs from last week’s wedding reception In the banquet hall where everyone sits with name-tags And suicidal grins for a breath of fresh air That's what has brought you to this bar this evening The first conference of many The smell of overcooked pasta and ketchup wafting from the flapping doors towards a giant kitchen far away from prying eyes So you sneer So you sneer So you sneer at the first person you can get to catch your eye But he didn't deserve it And he definitely didn't deserve the faggy wave you just gave him So you try to catch his eye again so you can sneer at him But he won't look back Now you look really gay So you sneer So you sneer
EDIAC 03:48
Hey man, don’t kid yourself Everything could fall apart Before you know Hey man, don’t waste your time Even when you hit the dirt You’re not yet below Every day is a choice To find the signal in the noise Every day, you’ve got a choice, man Everyday is a choice Let your hands be your voice Every day, you’ve got a choice, man Don't fall apart Don't fall apart
Dive 04:11
I’m up in your bag Slapping some fannies My boy’s out to drag Down the stairs he rolls And I’ve got some rags You bring the petrol Follow my tracks Now we’re good to go Sometimes... Life’s a real dumpster fire I let that shit slide Come give it a try Let’s just take a dive Come give it a try Up on The Block Got a few twenties No one is shocked ‘Cause I don’t high roll But we’ve got the Furr So we get some treatments Down the hatch Now you should know I’m fine… Even when life is a dumpster fire I let that shit slide Come give it a try Let’s just take a dive Come give it a try I keep it on grind Maybe I need to I keep it in mind When I’m free to roam We’ve all got a leash For business or pleasure I’m not here to preach I just let it flow Come take a dive Come take a dive Come take a dive Come give it a try
Aphotique 02:55
Un, deux, trois Un, deux, trois I am a beam of light Drowning in deep water Je suis un faisceau lumineux Noyade dans les eaux profondes
Cold Comfort 04:12
I looked twice Into a crystal ball A wall of ice The only thing I saw And since that night I knew there’d be no more So we roll the dice and we dispossess the floor Now we’re back where we began Now cold comfort’s all we have The circle is more vicious than I knew I’m sorry it comes down to you I looked twice Into a crystal ball A wall of ice The only thing I saw And since that night I knew there’d be no more So we roll the dice We roll the dice And we dispossess the floor We dispossess the floor We dispossess the floor Roll the dice So we roll the dice We dispossess the floor
Shadow Blind 04:34
Someone’s lying there beside you Someone’s breathing in your smoke Someone’s running through your headlights Gasping softly as they choke Someone’s diving out the window Someone’s curled up in the tub Someone’s hanging from the fixture Shadows splattered on the wall Blind to the shadows around you Deaf to the noises that we make Numb to carcasses we offer Dead to our past mistakes
Happy Ending 04:54
When I was underground alone Just roots in the place I grew Seventeen years I wait for you In the darkness we were pushing through Now that I’m awake and above Outside everything I know In moonlight you sing something I heard in dreams long ago


Back from the gutter for our 1-year anniversary…
without flowers or a box of chocolates, just another dose of psychedelic neo-noir rock!

2nd Album ‘Blue Ruin’ by MISCELLEN arrives exactly one year after 1st.

Who is MISCELLEN? It doesn’t matter. Free from the trappings of stardom, money, good-looks, style, and even basic personal hygiene, they’re not anyone you want to meet in a dark alley but that’s probably the only place to find them. Their music stays with you long after their rough hand has crept up your thigh, leaving behind both shame and desire for more.

MISCELLEN’s 2nd album Blue Ruin is the kind of dark alternative rock that angry teenagers have been using against their parents for generations. Built on the uneven foundations of bands like JANE’S ADDICTION and TOOL, in tone if not in form, the album is a collection of depraved rock songs that will have you sneering over a drink at anyone who catches your eye. The loud fist-pumping anthem of the song ‘Your Lucky Day’ bleeds into Lynchian scenes of drug misuse in ‘Chemical Bonds’. Domestic abuse in ‘Scream All You Want’, sleazy neo-noir clubs in ‘Dive’, and suicidal hauntings in ‘Shadow Blind’ are just some of the themes spitting in the mouth of public decency.

Progressing in style from their debut album Lurid Orange, Blue Ruin indulges all MISCELLEN’s bad habits to facilitate something frequently uncomfortable, unapologetically twisted, and truly infectious. This music should be kept out of the hands of any dark-eyed stepchild and refused entry to respectable establishments. Listen to MISCELLEN’s new album Blue Ruin but don’t tell anyone you did. Trust us, nobody wants to know.

Blue Ruin comes out on August 26, 2021 -- exclusively on Bandcamp with name-your-price option. In the following weeks, Blue Ruin will be available on most streaming other platforms including Spotify, Youtube, and more.


released August 26, 2021

All songs written, recorded, and produced by MISCELLEN, except No Saints Allowed (originally recorded by Mindless Faith, and covered by Miscellen).

See individual tracks for specific credits.


all rights reserved




Heavy Psychedelic Alternative Rock

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